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From this: to this:


without magic?



Disconnect all ancillaries, take hubs off and drive shafts out.


Attach engine crane, un do mounts and lift engine out and away.


Strip interior, lights, bumpers and anything you like really, as it's all got to come off!


Wiring jungle to label up where it all goes!


Take glass out and drop subframes and fuel tank.


Bare shell.


Give the roof a good polishing up with an angle grinder!


Roof on the lawn waiting to be cut up into boot sized pieces to go down to the tip.  Note that your neighbors will think you have gone crazy at this point!


Sam, one of the project supervisors checking up on me!


Rear end cut up.


Everything cut into nice sized pieces to fit in my boot.


Take body work to the tip then clean all the oil off the drive way!!


and that's all there is to it!

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