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12th June - 18th June

Well, its the same story as last week.  No parts again!  I'm running out of things to do now and this is putting me well behind schedule.

I fitted the completed pedal box this week.  I've got a bad feeling that it may have to come out again though to fit the front wishbones and anti roll bars.  Or, I need to find someone with very small hands!  I really hope it doesn't need to be disturbed as I spent ages silicone sealing it in.

I managed to get the new master cylinder you see in the picture from Ebay for 5.50!

It's surprising how much more it makes it look like you're getting somewhere once the steering column and wheel are in.

I cleaned the blower up, fitted it and I've got a new resistor on order.

I had to go the scrappies to get another heater matrix today, as I knackered the copper pipes when getting the old one out of my donor.  I tried making up a new pipe and soldering it on, but I couldn't get the pipe to bend enough to feel happy with it.  I also found I'd lost the plastic cover that holds it in place.  It must be somewhere, but for now it well held in with a bracket I made up from some of the metal left over from the central locking kit.  The air duct has also been fitted and sealed in.  It took a bit of filing to get it too fit as it was way too tight. 

The mixer unit bolted in place under the dash.  I had to find some foam to pack around the edge where the air duct meets the blower unit.

Two holes were drilled in the bulkhead and grommets sealed in for the heater pipes to get to the matrix.  Part of the donor metro heater pipe is used here, as it has a bleed screw built into it.  I'm also considering pluming the heater in parallel with the radiator.  It'd have the advantages that there would be less water in the system, which would be a good idea as the pump isn't great on the K-series, and also there would be two less metal pipes in the tunnel.  The only disadvantage would be a possible fluctuating temperature and it may take longer for the heater to give out heat but these are minor points.  Most K-series engined cars rely on the heater as a buffer for the coolant to flow whilst the stat is closed, but I wouldn't have any problems with taking this away as I've got a remote stat from BMW (thanks for the tip Rich!), and the bypass from this will be fine to connect back to the engine where the old stat used to be.

Hooray!  A big box arrived today full of metal parts, so hopefully I'll have a rolling chassis soon!


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