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26th September - (finishing touches)

I've just got a few finishing touches to add to the car now and to wait for the interior panels to come back from the trimmer.  I'm hoping to have the car tested and on the road by Christmas.

I need to get rid of these scotch locks from the front wiring and solder the wires up now that I know how long the wires need to be and that the lights work.  I've fitted the rear light covers to the head lights and driving lights.

The carpets are all finished and the seats fitted.  They are very comfy seats, but I was worried about them being too high.  Luckily I seem to have enough head room.

I've been waiting so long for my instruments that GTM have sent me a prototype set from one of their show cars to check all my wiring.  They seem to work well and give good readings, so I'll just need to swap the instruments over once the new ones arrive.  That's why the binnacle isn't screwed in, in the picture.

GTM sent me some longer drop links for my roll bars that fit very nicely.  I've removed the bump stops from the front suspension as even up to 7" ride height the shocks were resting on the bump stops and made the car feel very skittery at the front end.  I may cut the bump stops and fit a small part of them, around an inch.

I've started meshing up all the intakes in the body work.

I've now sorted the brakes out.  I ended up using a vacuum bleeder and pumping the pedal at the same time.  I think there was a bubble in the top of the master cylinder.  The pedal is now rock hard, but the pads need a few miles to bed them in.

The new instruments arrived to replace the prototype ones.  They look very nice in the day, but I'm not sure about the back light at night.  I'll have to have a word with GTM about it.  The light doesn't seem to shine through very well.

I've replaced the 's' shape pipes that hung down too low underneath.  I got these flexi pipes from Halfords.  The have a coil inside of them to allow them to bend, but they also keep rigid.  They seem a lot better and don't hang down anymore than needed.

The interior trim has all been fitted now, along with the new instruments.  Note the button I managed to get for the boot release is a perfect match for the new GTM switches.

I've roughly setup all the suspension.  I say roughly as it's very hard to measure accurately, when you're trying to work to 1-2 mm accuracy!  It should hopefully do for SVA, then I'll get it all setup by laser.  The car drove much better after these few tweaks.

Hopefully one more day of adding finishing touches and we should be ready for an SVA test!


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