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22nd September - 25th September

I've done most of the carpets now, so that I could fit the seats, but I need to finish the edges off.  I'll get some pictures of it once that's done.  The gear knob and gaiter is shown in the picture, but the hole in the tunnel is too big for all the screws to 'bite', in the surround.  It's held down well enough, I'll cut some screws off and just glue them to the surround to make it look neat.

The perspex rear and side screens went in next.  Note the rubber trim around the holes in the rear screen.  This is just for the SVA test, to make sure I pass the 'sharp edges' test.

I riveted my VIN plate on the raised section just inside the front clam shell. 

I had a great day today as the majority of my build is done now and Libra 119 came down off the axle stands!  I've just got a bit of finishing off to do now like meshing grills and finishing the carpets off etc.

I might have to wait a few weeks though before I book my SVA as my panels have gone to my local trimmer, but he's really busy at the moment and told me today that it could be another 4-6 weeks!

I go back to university in a couple of days time so I won't have as much time to spend on my car from now on but I'm happy now as my Libra completed a successful lap of my test track today! It's just over a mile long and I didn't have any overheating or major problems!  It looks like my coolant pluming idea worked. There were no bad knocking noises or anything like that. The handling is a bit dodgy at the moment, but you can visually see the wheels aren't straight!  The brakes aren't that good at present but I think it's just air in the system due to a new master cylinder and new calipers.

This picture shows the MGF cable gear change cables that I had to modify to fit.  An MGF uses one long and one short cable.  When the cables arrived the short cable was too short!  I got another long cable and have routed both over the top of the fuel tank so it looks very neat.  The problem was that the long and short cables have slightly different ends.  I didn't find this out until I tried to fit the two long cables!  I had to thread the end of the cable longer, cut some of the excess thread off, then cut back a plastic end stop, to cut a long story short!  It took a bit of fiddling to get right, but touch wood the gear change seems to work well. 

Once the car came down off the axles stands I realized that the coolant pipes under the fuel tank hang quite low.  It looked fine up on the axle stands but I'm not happy with it hanging down so low.  I think the problems is that I've used an 'S' shaped pipe as a joiner.  Hopefully with a straight pipe it'll just lift these up slightly.

I had to scrap my idea of lifting the battery box up to clear the fan as the bonnet wouldn't shut with the spare wheel in place!  I've had to buy two 8" fans instead of my 10" and mount them in front of the radiator.  There just isn't enough room inside the bonnet for a fan to fit between the rad and the spare wheel.

My head lights have now arrived!


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