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23rd August -29th August

My EBC rear drilled and grooved discs and pads arrived today.

I think these look really great.  It was the first time for me to try the handbrake and that seems to work well too.

I moved onto finishing the inner doors next.  The panel had to have two large holes dilled for the window winder and the adjustment of the bottom channel door glass.  The door pull (silver wire) is then fitted to the door latch, through the door handle and has a terminal block on the other end to keep it in place. 

The manual says to just drill the door handle and thread the wire through.  I wasn't keen on this as firstly it wouldn't look very good and secondly the wire would eventually wear away at the door handle.  I got a tip from Rich about putting a 5mm rivet through the hole with a washer on the back.  The rivet only needs a slight squeeze of the rivet gun then you can knock the shaft of the rivet back out and it leaves a nice sized hole for the door wire to pass through.

The last thing I did today was fitting the door hinges to the main tub.  This was pretty straight forward and they have plenty of adjustment on them to get the door lined up without having to remove the brackets or the door.


The hard trim panels have all now been cut and trial fitted.  I just need my fabric to arrive now and they can be sent away to be trimmed.

The sunroof and water seal was next to be fitted.  The holes didn't line up at all and the bolts on the roof panel didn't seem straight either, so I've had to cut slots instead.

Trial fitment of the passenger door.  I need to adjust the glass channel to get the glass to line up with the top frame.

The door is nearly in the right place, I just want to move it up about a millimeter to get a perfect line.

I bought a new header tank, as my donor car one was full of sludge at the bottom. 

I got a new washer bottle and pump too as the old one was a mess.  I bought the bottle with the single pump to save the hassle of blocking the other unused pump hole off.

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