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29th May - 5th June

Well the big day has finally arrived!  I met Tony in Liverpool where we picked up a Luton van ready for the 100 mile trip to GTM.

The kit was all ready and waiting for us to load up.  Not all the parts were there, which has annoyed me a bit as I tend to build my Libra full time and I can see myself getting stuck on a lot jobs because I haven't got all the bits.  Lets just hope it all gets sent on to me quickly.

It doesn't look like that much stuff, but it took us nearly 2 hours to load everything onto the van.  I think a lot of time was spent arranging things so that nothing would get damaged on the journey home.

Once we got home I tended to get the main monocoque in the garage to work on, but it was going to be too much of a tight fit, so I decided to use the garage to store all the bits and work on the monocoque outside under the carport where I've got a lot more width and space.


I'm going to sort some sort of weather protection out tomorrow to shelter the car (and me) if the weather is bad.

I bought some tarpaulins today and I'm quite pleased with the fake garage I've been able to make, and they even match the car's colour!








I've not managed to get much done on the Libra this week, with lots of other jobs that have been needing to be done and I've also been to the motorshow twice.

I've fitted the steering rack, but I haven't received enough parts to do anything else on the front end yet.

The new pedals supplied in the kit have been fitted along with a MGF hydraulic clutch to the metro pedal box.

The hubs are all ready to be fitted now.  I cleaned the rust off, hammerited them, fitted new bearing and new ball joints.

Hopefully I'll receive a few more parts next week and I can get a bit more stuck in.


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