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After SVA 2
After only 6 months and 4000 miles the front suspension had nearly lost all of its paint.  Very bad.  I spent a long time stripping it all down, cleaning the rust off and painting it all up with POR 15.  It should never rust again now!

This is before:

and after:

After stripping the front GTM wiring loom, I thought I'd better have a look at the engine bay wiring.  As in the front there is a lot of unnecessary connections and meters of useless wiring, basically just forming links.  As with the front, I stripped it all down and re did the lot.  I now know where everything goes and its a lot neater.

When I sprayed black edges around the rear Perspex screens I sprayed the body work and not the plastic.  It was much easier to do at the time, but I have found that rain water gets caught in between the screens and body work and looks awful.  I re sprayed the black edges, but this time onto the Perspex.  It now looks much better and the rain isn't noticed.  I also spaced the screens off the body work with o rings.  This allows any water to drain though.


The rear suspension was badly rusted like the front.  GTM brought out a revised rear suspension package, which put simply uses pillow joints and cam bolt for adjustment rather than the original ball joints. 

Old suspension:

New suspension:


This is what the new suspension pack contained:


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